Astro Brake and Clutch has been operating for decades and is well established in the motor vehicle industry specialising in brake and clutch repairs. During the years we’ve gained extensive knowledge and expertise as a Brake and Clutch Fitment Centre. We specialise in the fitment of brakes and clutches for passenger vehicles as well as light commercial vehicles. Whether your car is new or old, you can still count on us for the best service.

We only use quality products and keep stock of the popular brake and clutch products. For the best service we have qualified technicians where brake repairs and clutch fitments are their area of expertise. So that means we can do the brake repairs and clutch repairs on all passenger vehicles and bakkies as well as any model and any make. Our technicians conduct a professional service to ensure that you can proceed with a comfortable journey. So give us go and be pleasantly surprised.

Our brake and clutch fitment center is quality centered and therefore works under an AA Quality assurance. Astro Brake and Clutch is also an appointed LUK Approved clutch fitment center.

When you walk or drive into our
workshop, you are guaranteed to find
the following:

A well maintained, clean and tidy workshop Professional, efficient and friendly customer service Access to senior managementService and repairs are done by fully trained and experience techniciansAccurate and itemized costs given Full co-operation to resolve any disputes
We, at Astro Brake and Clutch, believe that Safe Brakes… Saves Lives!
Remind yourself that your BRAKES are important – Be Responsible and Always Keep Everyone Safe

Based in Boksburg we are able to service everyone in the East Rand Area. So don’t take chances with your brakes. If you are in any doubt about your brakes then come to us and get them checked while you wait. We offer a speedy brake repair service.
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