Low Brake Pedal

Low Brake Pedal – What Causes It and How to Fix It

Low Brake Pedal – What Causes It and How to Fix It Have you found yourself having to push further or harder on your brake pedal than ever before? Does your stopping take longer and your braking seems weaker? Excellent that you’re reading this – you might be able to get this fixed before it […]

Cost Of Clutch Replacement In South Africa

Cost of Clutch Replacements in South Africa

Cost of Clutch Replacements in South Africa New and financed vehicles are usually sold with a “backup plan” – a fail safe if you will – to prevent the driver of a vehicle will be paying it off for at least 5 years from finding themselves in a situation where there’s a latent defect on […]

What Makea A Brake Pedal Hard

What Makes a Brake Pedal “Hard”?

What Makes a Brake Pedal “Hard”? Have you ever driven someone else’s car and applied their brakes for the first time – only to come to an unexpectedly sudden stop because you’re not used to the brake being so hard? That literally all it takes is about a feather’s worth of pressure to come to […]

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How to Clean Contaminated Brake Pads

Contaminated brake pads are never a good sign. You can usually tell that there is something wrong with the brake pads when they grab or pull whilst you are applying pressure to the pedal. This could become dangerous because the more worn out your braking system becomes the tougher it is to stop the car. […]

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Dealing With Gear Issues on an Automatic Car

The most luxurious cars in the world are automatic cars with stunning finishes. Unfortunately, the best cars also gain problems over time and it should be taken seriously. Gear Issues are problems that are associated with the gearbox. Sometimes your car will leak fluid from the transmission. This might be one of the serious problems […]

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What Colour Should Brake Fluid Be?

The whole braking systems works completely on hydraulics. The liquid used within the braking system is a solvent and silicone mixture which makes up one chemical that won’t corrode the linings of the system. The brake fluid is made with these elements because the brakes need to react immediately after applying pressure to the pedal. […]

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Ceramic VS Metallic Brake Pads

Brakes are an important part of your car. They protect you from collisions and allow you to stop the vehicle smoothly. There are two types of brake pads namely Ceramic and Metallic options. Which ones you require will depend on the type of car you have. Metallic Brake – Advantages These brakes can handle higher […]

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What Are Clutch Failures?

A clutch failure is when your car and the whole system and engine won’t work. Don’t forget that a manual transmission engine can’t function without a clutch. The correct amount of voltage needs to reach the coils inside the engine. Too little voltage will result in your engine overheating leading up to burnt out components […]

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Faulty Brakes: What Could It Be?

It’s a scary thought when you find out that your brakes might be faulty. You hear strange sounds and experience strange occurrences. When something doesn’t sound, look or feel right, get it checked – sooner rather than later. If you do suspect faulty brakes, this is what it could be? Vibrating Steering Wheel If your […]

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Basic Clutch Problems

Your car could have many problems when it comes to mechanisms and engine parts. People are more aware of brake issues but don’t often stop to think that maybe there could be something wrong with the clutch. Noisy Clutch A noisy clutch can be caused by many factors that could potentially damage your car and […]

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Should You Check Your Brakes After a Long Journey?

You’ve returned from a long journey and it’s been wonderful to go away for a while, but now that you’re back life continues. You need to go to work and that means sitting in traffic every day. If you’ve driven your car and added a few hundred kilometres to the odometer, is it advisable to […]

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Brake Safety: Tips on How to Avoid an Accident

During the festive season the road agency keeps a tally of the number of road deaths because there are more cars on the road. It is a scary thought to know that so many accidents occur on the roads that we drive. In certain cases you might actually drive past an accident scene and it […]

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Being a Prepared Driver: Long Distance Travelling

The festive season may be over but there are still many people on the roads. Some may be going away for the holiday breaks now while others may be travelling to visit family or attend weddings and parties. Wherever the road takes you it is important that you take care of a few things before […]


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