ATE Brake Range – Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes

ATE Brake Range – Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes

ATE is one of the market leaders when it comes to brake components. We discuss some of the different brakes in their range.

ATE Disc Brakes

Whether it’s a question of performance, particularly easy installation or the best material, ATE has the braking system that’s exactly right for a vehicle model, driving style or requirement. And even if you’re more than satisfied, you can be sure of one thing… we’ll stay on the ball!

ATE Original Brake Pads

With 150 different pad compounds we have exactly the right product for every type of vehicle – and the best range for our customers.

Quality features

  • Full braking power instantly – no fading with ATE
  • Low heat transmission prevents pedal failure
  • Optimum comfort behaviour – avoids squeal and judder
  • Extensive coverage: > 97% in most European countries
  • Accessory sets for front and rear axles and contact warning systems matching various makes and models are often included in the brake pad package for problem-free installation in your workshop.

Technical Data

  • ATE brand quality – reap the benefits of years of experience
  • ECE R90 standard – ATE exceeds this test specification
  • Uniform product labelling – simple tracing in guarantee cases
  • Current product range
  • For all types of vehicles

ATE Ceramic Brake Pads

  • Easy pad installation in place of ordinary brake pads
  • Optimal in combination with ATE coated brake discs
  • As safe as a conventional brake pad

Brakes must of course ensure vehicle safety; that’s their main job. But ATE brakes can do more than that. With our low-dust Ceramic models, we have introduced a new generation of brake pads on the market that ensures reduced abrasion for perfect rim appearance and long life.

No more dust – Ceramic brake pads produce an absolute minimum of brake dust. The rims no longer need to be painstakingly cleaned and their value is permanently retained.

In the long run – As tests have proven, ATE Ceramic brake pads last significantly longer and reduce wear and tear on the brake discs. This reduces costs and heightens satisfaction.

With a good conscience – Less dust means less strain on the environment. That’s another reason why our low-abrasion brake pads are a real asset.

Features & benefits

  • Significantly less dust formation
  • Better rim optics
  • Reduced brake pad and brake disc wear
  • Greater comfort
  • No brake judder
  • Better environmental protection
  • Reduced repair costs thanks to reduced service intervals
  • High degree of safety
  • Extensive product range for the front and rear axles
  • Continuous expansion of the range

Quality features & info

  • Premium and Lifestyle vehicles
  • Thanks to the expansion of the small car segment, even more vehicles can now be equipped with the highly-popular brake pads.
  • All ATE Ceramic brake pads are tested for ECE R90 compliance – so they don’t have to be registered with the Technical Inspection Association.
  • ATE Ceramic brake pads are designed for drivers who demand comfort. This is why we recommend combining ATE Ceramic brake pads with only “normal” (smooth) brake discs to achieve maximum comfort.
  • Sport brake discs when braking at high speeds. This is a well-known phenomenon. The braking performance, however, remains at the same high level. The droning noise has no effect on the braking performance of the vehicle.
  • The service life of brake pads is highly dependent on the usage profile and the pad temperatures. In general, ATE Ceramic brake pads wear significantly less than conventional (“low met”) brake pads, especially when braking under everyday conditions.

Original ATE Brake Discs

You can be sure that we set the same high standards for our Original ATE brake discs as we do for our original equipment for major car brands.

In other words, the quality of the materials and workmanship is first class. The discs are precisely tailored to each car model to produce the best possible braking performance. Our experience and passion for creating new ideas helps us to achieve this pioneering quality.

Modern technology, proven precision – We have a very precise way of doing things, not only in the combination of materials, but also in their manufacture – because precise production is decisive for safe, vibration-free and comfortable braking. This also applies to our high-carbon brake discs: they avoid brake judder, increase driving comfort and are also extremely durable.

Available for 98% of European manufacturers’ vehicles.

ATE PowerDisc

More braking power – we invented an innovative endless groove, which has several important functions: a sporty look, more performance and safety, plus abrasion control at a glance – and these are by no means all the advantages of the ATE PowerDisc.

Reliable even on wet roads – The ATE PowerDisc is always reliable, even in critical situations and when the road is wet – because the multi-function groove reliably draws off the dirt and gases that can degrade braking performance.

Longer service life – The ATE PowerDisc is especially durable, because fading is significantly reduced by the multi-function groove and no scoring occurs, even under intensive stress conditions.

Driving enjoyment included – The technology of the PowerDisc has proven itself again and again in motor sports. You can see and hear it – the sporty looks and that typical braking sound make every trip a pleasure.

Fast inspection and installation – One glance at the multi-function groove is enough to detect wear. If it is worn, the PowerDisc is due to be replaced. Practical installation is also a huge plus here – the highly heat-resistant coating serves as a protection barrier against corrosion, so the PowerDisc doesn’t have to be cleaned before installation.

The benefits at a glance

  • Reliable braking in all weather conditions
  • Sporty appearance
  • Fast wear & tear check
  • Typical braking sound
  • Easy installation
  • Durable

ECE R90 For Brake Discs

Tested OE quality – This has always been a matter of course for us. As an original equipment supplier to the major car manufacturers, we only use the latest OE materials for the ATE brake discs we provide for the aftermarket, and we manufacture them in comparable OE quality. The ECE approval mark now officially confirms our compliance with this high standard.

ATE is leading the way – ATE brake discs made by the technology company Continental already fulfil the technical requirements of ECE Regulation 90.

Drum Brakes

ATE spare parts for drum brakes always fit perfectly and are very durable – because when it comes to materials and processing, we have only one requirement: the highest possible quality.

We achieve excellent results thanks to first-class materials, accurate manufacturing and extensive testing.

Fast and safe installation – Careful work doesn’t always have to be time-consuming, but it has to guarantee the highest possible degree of safety – and we make that possible. That’s because ATE brake shoes and brake drums can be installed easily… after all, everything fits together perfectly. Our kits with pre-assembled parts also make it much easier for workshops – they can really save a lot of time.

ATE Drum Brake Shoes

Perfectly protected thanks to powder coating – Accepting that low-priced products have low quality standards isn’t the way we do things at ATE. Even our drum brake shoes are powder coated – we always demand more from our own products than the automotive industry requires.

The top layer of the brake shoes – Brake shoes have to be tough – and powder coating makes our products even more resistant to corrosion.

Sheer quality, no gaps – We leave nothing to chance, achieving a particularly high level of shearing strength thanks to sealed adhesive joints and pad material that’s bonded over its entire surface – and no rust can take hold either.

Salty requirements – Our salt spray test shows how resistant ATE drum brake shoes are against corrosion!

Full power right from the off – Our brake shoes grip – the first time they’re applied, right from the off. That’s because they are radius-ground and perfectly adapted to our drum brakes.

Features & benefits

  • Increased rust protection thanks to powder coating
  • Optimal performance even for the first braking thanks to radius-ground brake shoes
  • Installation kit also available

Technical data

  • ECE R90-approved
  • Higher lining shear strength thanks to full-surface adhesive bonding
  • Sealed adhesive joint

Brake Drums

Superb material, problem-free installation – We set high standards for our customers. Every product we ship must have the renowned ATE quality standards – and our brake drums are no exception. The fact that we offer them for nearly all makes of vehicle and always make sure that they are simple and safe to install is a matter of course for us.

Tough on the outside, warm on the inside – We have developed an optimal surface roughness for the friction surfaces of our brake drums, so they can be run in very fast – and their outstanding thermal conductivity also provides stable friction values.

Cast to perfection – Our brake drums are made of high-quality material with cast-iron quality and have a homogeneous structure.

All-round accuracy – We’re really fussy when it comes to true-running accuracy. That’s why we make sure that the dimensional tolerances are as “tight as a drum” – the cylindricity amounts to a maximum of 5 per 100 mm!

100% passed – All the functional dimensions of the ATE brake drums are subjected to a 100% examination during production. So we don’t miss even the smallest detail.

Original with OE wheel bearing – ATE brake drums are available for models with integrated wheel bearings – the same that are offered by car manufacturers.

No corners, no edges – We want to make installation as easy and as safe as possible for our customers – and that’s why there are no sharp edges on our brake drums.

One glance… yes, it’s ATE! – If you have to look for a while, it’s not an ATE product. Our products can be identified quickly and clearly thanks to their standardised imprints.

Features & benefits

  • High-grade quality cast-iron with homogeneous structure
  • Fast retraction of the drum ensured thanks to optimal roughness of the friction surface
  • Stable friction values thanks to efficient thermal conductivity
  • Numerous drums with preassembled wheel bearings and accessories available
  • Coated brake drums added to the product range – these offer excellent corrosion resistance and time-saving installation

Technical Data

  • Tight shape and positional tolerances ensure a high degree of accuracy
  • cylindricity 5/100 mm

TopKit and Kits

Fits perfectly and saves time – The reason why we put so much thought into our products is to stop you worrying about details like installation time – with our ATE TopKit and the ATE Kits, everything fits together quickly just as it should, so installation takes 30 minutes less time – per vehicle!

Top safety thanks to TopKits – Thanks to the preassembled parts, errors are avoided during installation – so the ATE TopKit brings more safety to our roads and more convenience to the workshop.

Everything at your fingertips – The ATE TopKit and the ATE Kits make handling easy for you, because all the components are in one place and have only one serial number. We’ll also be glad to provide you with individual components too should you require them.

Quite simply… ATE – Top workmanship and optimal corrosion protection are also part of the ATE TopKit and the ATE Kits. The same applies to ECE R90 homologation.

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