Basic Clutch Problems

Your car could have many problems when it comes to mechanisms and engine parts. People are more aware of brake issues but don’t often stop to think that maybe there could be something wrong with the clutch.

Noisy Clutch

A noisy clutch can be caused by many factors that could potentially damage your car and the parts. The most important part to remember is not to ride the clutch. This means that your foot is constantly pushing the pedal in. This could lead to the possibility of a bad pilot bearing which would need to be replaced immediately. You can identify this problem if the clutch makes a high pitched sound.

Slipping Clutch

To test this you need to release the clutch slowly whilst in gear. If the car stalls, you are good to go. If the car does not stall you should get it checked out. Your car might have the problem where the clutch plate soaked in engine oil.

Dragging Clutch

You can detect this issue if the pedal fails to release. This is a common problem that could be caused by multiple issues such as air in the system, a small fraction of fluid or oil, or possibly a high level of lubrication and oil being present.

Short Lasting Clutch

This pedal is supposed to last a long time although it is one of the most used components. This is usually caused by bad driving habits. Too much riding can cause your clutch to have a shorter life thus requiring a replacement.

Before assuming that the problem with your car is the clutch make sure you run a few quick and easy tests. There may be a problem with the engine of your car. To check this, switch your car on and listen to the sound that comes from the engine. If the engine does not make an odd noise, then apply pressure to the clutch.

The sounds that you should be aware of when testing your car for problems include squealing, chirping or clicking and screeching sounds. These are all sounds that are related to bad clutch maintenance or problems.

Problems with the engine and components of your car should be noted and not ignored. The best thing to do would be to take the vehicle in for a service or to a clutch and clutch cable repair centre to have it checked and be on the safe side.


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