Best Brake Brand Reviews – The Names You Can Trust To Keep You Safe

Best Brake Brand Reviews – The Names You Can Trust To Keep You Safe

If you are like most people you probably take very good care of your vehicle. You keep the oil changed, the engine tuned up and your car’s exterior (probably) has an amazing shine to it. Not to mention your interior has been kept showroom new.

All that won’t matter though if your car will not stop when you go to hit your brakes. Brake pads should be checked on a routine basis and looked at by a professional at even the slightest sign there may be a problem with them. One part that needs to be changed regularly on your vehicle is its brake pads. Find all the information about the best brake pads and the ceramic brake pad reviews in the marketplace.

The most important modification you can install on your car is a good set of brakes. With so many accessories out there to boost horsepower and handling, one thing remains constant—your ride needs to stop every time you press the brake pedal. We understand the importance of a good set of brake pads when it comes to your car.

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Brake Pads

It is quite hard to tell from looking at your car whether or not the brake pads require replacing. Therefore if you have the following symptoms, you should look into changing your brake pads.

  • Replace Brake Pads: Pulsating Brake Pedal

Worn out or warped brake pads will cause this pulsating sensation when the driver presses the brake pedal, which will include vibrations going through the pedal

  • Replace Brake Pads: Car Pulling to Left or Right

This often indicates that the brake pads have worn out unevenly, which causes car to pull to one side or another. However this could indicate other issues with the car. Always replace brake pads in pairs.

  • Replace Brake Pads: Metal on Metal Grinding Noise

If you feel and hear metal on metal noise, you will need to replace the brake pads and the brake callipers immediately as this will affect stopping distance dramatically.

  • Replace Brake Pads: Clicking and Screech Noise

If you hear a clicking noise when pressing the brake pedal, this indicates the brake pads need replacing. A screeching noise may also be heard that is high pitched from metal on metal.

  • Replace Brake Pads: Look at the Brakes

If you are worried, simply look at the brake pads. They should have plenty of meat as per the image below. I replaced the brake pads on the car below after the customer experienced metal on metal noise and sensation. They sure did get their money’s worth from those brake pads!

Best Aftermarket Car Brake Pad Brands

  • EBC Range of Car Brake Pads

EBC has an extensive range of car brake pads to suit any style of driving and any make of vehicle.

You can read the list of reviews from Autoanything.com on EBC Brake Reviews by clicking here.

  • Ferodo Brake Pads

Perhaps one of the best known car brake brands, read all about the reviews of their range of pads by clicking here.

  • Alfa Brake Pads

Founded in 1964 and based in Springs, Gauteng, Alfa is the leading independent local supplier of brake drums and discs for all types of vehicles. Alfa supplies South Africa’s road transport industry with a full range of high quality brake drums and discs for trucks, buses and trailers, light commercial and passenger vehicles, plus a selection of hubs for the most popular automotive sector vehicles. Read more about Alfa Brakes by clicking here.

  • Allied Nippon Brake Pads

Allied Nippon’s brake pads meet strict requirements with minimum fade, noise speed sensitivity and have exceptionally low wear characteristics with proven performance recorded on brake dynamometer and actual vehicles on test tracks. Read more about Allied Nippon brake pads by clicking here.

  • Ate Brake Pads

No more dust:  Ceramic brake pads produce an absolute minimum of brake dust. The rims no longer need to be painstakingly cleaned and their value is permanently retained.

In the long run:  As tests have proven, ATE Ceramic brake pads last significantly longer and reduce wear and tear on the brake discs. This reduces costs and heightens satisfaction.

With a good conscience:  Less dust means less strain on the environment. That’s another reason why our low-abrasion brake pads are a real asset.

Read more about Ate Brake Pads by clicking here.


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