Best Brake Brands South Africa in Review: EBC vs Ferodo vs Alfa vs Allied Nippon vs ATE

Best Brake Brands South Africa in Review: EBC vs Ferodo vs Alfa vs Allied Nippon vs ATE

With spring in South Africa, comes rainy season for most of the country. The roads get slippery after a good rain, and lots of accidents occur. Having a good set of brakes, can give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will stop when it needs to, even in the rain on a slippery road.

We all want the best brakes that we can afford for our vehicles. Some of us may take the advice from someone we know and at other times we might ask experts. Some people would opt for the most affordable option and others would opt for the most expensive on the market. All for varying reasons as well.

Your type of vehicle, your specific needs, your own personal preference, and your budget, are some of the factors that you might consider when choosing the best brake brand for you. Like most vehicle owners, we want to ensure we have the best we can afford and make sure we keep the ones travelling with us, as safe as possible.

South Africa has suppliers in all provinces of some of the best brakes on the market. Ensuring you have the best for you.

EBC Brakes South Africa – Overview

EBC Brakes is independently owned and one of the leaders in the brake market. They produce some of the largest range of brake pads and discs in the world. They cater to a variety of vehicles and they have factories in the UK and US.

EBC Brakes manufacture different types of brake pads including “aramid brake pads, sintered brakes, ceramic brake pads and carbon long life brake pads.”

EBC Brakes stock a range of different types of brakes. You can view their range of products, by clicking here.

Ferodo Brakes South Africa – Overview

“All Ferodo®parts are especially designed for vehicles ranging from the smallest car to the largest truck, from road to race track.”

Ferodo is one of the global leaders in brake systems and has been in the industry for over 100 years.

“Quality is at the centre of what we do. Ferodo®has one promise: to put you in control, with products and services designed for all vehicles to help you to work efficiently, profitably and most of all, safely in all conditions. This way, wherever you drive, whatever you drive, you’re in control.”

Ferodo specialises in brake systems for light and commercial vehicles. To view Ferodo’s product range for light vehicles and commercial vehicle, click here.

Alfa Brakes South Africa – Overview

Alfa is a local leader in the brake system market. They have been in the industry for more than 50 years. Their products are designed for maximum performance, safety and ease of fitment. The company only uses the best quality products to ensure that customers keep coming back and see the company as one of the best brake disc suppliers in the country.

“Alfa prides itself on its product quality, wide range, excellent service levels, and on its rapid development of parts required for newly-introduced vehicle models.”

Alfa supplies brake systems for light vehicles, heavy vehicles and off-road vehicles. By clicking here, you can view their product range.

Allied Nippon Brakes South Africa – Overview

Allied Nippon Limited supplies brake systems to countries all over the world and they are based in various countries including Bangladesh, South Africa, etc. They have been in the industry for more than 30 years. They are engaged in producing friction materials for the automotive industry.

They offer a range of products for Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers, Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road Vehicles. Their product range includes brake shoes, brake pads and brake linings.

Allied Nippon’s product range includes:

  • Two-Wheeler Range – click here to view their Two-Wheeler Range.
  • Three-Wheeler Range – click here to view their Three-Wheeler Range.
  • Passenger Vehicles – click here to view their Passenger Vehicle Range.
  • Commercial Vehicles – click here to view their Commercial Vehicle Range.
  • Off-Road Vehicles – click here to view their Off-Road Vehicle Range.

ATE Brakes South Africa – Overview

ATE Brakes have been a part of the automotive industry for decades. The brand has been trusted by various international vehicle manufacturers because they are uncompromising on safety and many innovations and constant improvements throughout their existence.

“Parts retailers and vehicle workshops trust Alfred Teves Brake Systems (Pty) Ltd for their consistent high quality of brake components, service, support and training – a true brake systems partner!”

ATE Brakes have a wide product range. To find out more about their product range, click here.


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