Brake FAQ


1. What should I do if my brake warning light comes on?

What should I do if my brake warning light comes on? How quickly should I get it checked? If your brake warning light comes on, your brakes could be near total failure. If your car is displaying this warning sign, get it checked immediately.

2. Why is my car pulling towards one side when I apply the brakes?

If your car veers or pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, there could be a brake issue. It may be as simple as adjusting your tyre pressure or the problem may be with your braking system, particularly the calipers.

3. Why does my steering wheel or car vibrate while I’m driving?

This is described as a vibration in the pedal, steering or entire vehicle when you apply the brakes. This can indicate problems with the brake drum or disc, a faulty steering mechanism, or other loose component. These conditions all affect the handling of your vehicle.

4. Why is my brake pedal sticking or getting stuck?

If your pedal fails to release, this may indicate a faulty master cylinder. If it is left too long, this condition causes serious damage, requiring expensive repairs. This can lead to total brake failure.

5. Why does my brake pedal feel so spongy after I try to stop my car?

If your brake pedal feels spongy after heavy use, this could indicate moisture in the brake fluid. Clean brake fluid is critical to the performance of your brakes. Moisture in the system reduces braking efficiency and can corrode brake components, potentially resulting in total brake failure.

6. Why are my brakes so noisy/squeaky? Why are my brakes whistling?

Noisy brakes indicate the possibility of worn brake pads or linings. Squeaking brakes could be due to glazed brakes, an uneven brake surface or if the disc has a lip on the outer circumference of the disc. If your car is displaying this warning sign, get it checked immediately.

7. Why is my brake pedal so low? Why must I press the brake so deep?

If your brakes do not activate until the brake pedal is almost touching the floor then there could be a brake fluid leak, faulty hydraulics or a low brake lining. A quick check-up will soon identify the problem. You need your brakes to respond quickly in an emergency, so do not ignore this problem.


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