Brake Repairs and Brake Maintenance Services 

As part of our brake maintenance services, upon your arrival at Astro Brake & Clutch, we inspect your brake discs and brake pads to determine the extent of any wear and tear. The brake discs are checked for their minimum specification and smooth, even surface. The brake pads need to have a specific amount of space between them and the disc. This spacing increases over time as the brake pads become worn. Once we have checked the brake pads and discs we then proceed with the brake repairs or brake maintenance services. Also, provide brake booster repair services.

We also check your back wheels’ drum brake system. Drum brake systems work on the premise of using friction to stop your car. But it uses different components: a drum (instead of a disc) and a component called a shoe (instead of a pad). When you step on your brake pedal, the shoe expands outwards to stop the drum from rotating. Whereas the pad presses inwards against the brake disc.

But even if your car has the newer system of brake discs and brake pads for both the front and back wheels, you will still be catered for.

brake maintenance servicesBrake Fluid 

The Importance of Brake Fluid

How the brakes work is part of a hydraulic system therefore the brake fluid has a big influence on how the brakes work. What the brake fluid does is alleviate the need to exert heavy force when you stop. It, thus, allows you to be able to stop the moving car with only a little pressure with your foot.

As part of our brake maintenance services we inspect the brake fluid when your car drives into our workshop. When it is unable to draw moisture that is when the brake fluid deteriorates. So when the brake fluid has more water extracted from the air, that is when it corrodes faster and becomes less of a good hydraulic fluid.

One of these necessary properties is low viscosity. This allows the fluid to move quickly when you put your foot on the pedal. If the fluid is too thick, it will affect the reaction time of your brakes. The colour of the fluid also indicates whether your brake fluid needs changing or not. If it looks black it may need replacing. If the brake fluid is determined to not be in a good state, we conduct what is known as a ‘brake bleed’ which is mechanic speak for basically just replacing the old fluid with new fluid.

brake maintenance servicesCheck Your Brakes 

When Last Did You Check Your Brake?

Problems can occur when you least expect them. When it comes to your car’s brakes and safety, you cannot afford to put it off to a more a convenient time. It is critical to get your brakes checked right away. We’ve developed our Quick Fit service specifically to cater to this need. For your convenience we fit your car’s brakes quickly while you wait, making the drive to your next destination a secure and more relaxed one.

Signs that your brakes need replacing, if:

  • you hear a noise when you step on the brake pedal (typically sounding like a high-pitched screech or grinding metal)
  • the car runs out of brake fluid more frequently than normal
  • there are vibrations emitting from the brake pedal when you step on it
  • your car experiences a pulling force to the left or right whenever you brake

brake maintenance servicesBrake Disc Skimming

How Does Brake Skimming Work?

Imperfections on the surface of your brake disc are a safety hazard. Disc skimming serves as an alternative to purchasing a new brake disc by reviving the disc’s surface. It is not expensive and therefore is an ideal option for fixing minor issues on the friction area of the disc. The skimming technique uses a specialised machine that attaches to the hub around the disc, and then rotates it while smoothing it – it’s an automatic process that happens within minutes.

But before skimming, it is essential to first ensure that the disc has no major damage or wear but is still usable or thick enough according to standard safety requirements.

Brake discs can be skimmed when: the surface is rusty, there’s a shudder or squeal when braking, or when the brake pedal feels spongy instead of firm.

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We stock brake disc and brake pads for all major car manufacturers and also offer on car skimming while you wait.

Audi brakes, VW brakes, Polo brakes, Toyota brakes, Nissan brakes, BMW brakes, Ford brakes, Mazda brakes, Hyundai brakes, Kia brakes, Mercedez Benz brakes, Volvo brakes, Land Rover brakes, Peugeot brakes, Citoen brakes, Opel brakes, Jaguar brakes

We stock the following brake disc and pad  brands:
Ferodo brake pads, ATE brake pads, EBC brake pads, Texta brake pads, Delphi brake pads, Deselra brake pads, Allied Nippon brake pads, Safeline brake pads
Ferodo brake discs, ATE brake discs, EBC brake discs, Texta brake discs, Alfa brake discs, Deselra brake discs