Can I Have my Brakes Replaced While My Car Is Under Warranty?

Can I Have my Brakes Replaced While My Car Is Under Warranty?

Vehicle warranties are oftentimes part and parcel of purchasing a new – or used – vehicle. You may opt to pay an additional monthly fee to have maintenance issues (that do not fall under issues stated in servicing or manufacturer’s warranty) seen to as and when they arise.

Maintenance plans have stipulations, however, which may include or exclude certain items from being replaced more than once. Brakes are one of the few exceptions in this instance. Under any motor warranty – as well as service plans – your brakes should be covered for replacement at certain intervals throughout the duration of your warranty.

Replacing your brakes whilst your car is still covered by a motor warranty should be covered – meaning no expense to you. This also usually has the limitation that such work may only be carried out by an appointed or authorised fitment centre as stated by the supplier of your warranty. In order to ensure that your warranty is not voided, ensure you stick to their stipulate and authorised fitment centres to ah ether work carried out.

If, however, you are not covered by such a motor warranty, all maintenance that needs to be carried out on your vehicle will be your own onus. In such a case, you are then typically allowed the freedom to choose any fitment centre of your choice. These should still be RMI approved, registered and accredited fitment centres.

If your car is  still under manufacturer warranty and the cause of your squealing brakes is NOT wear and tear or other “normal” factors, you may be able to take your car o  dealership who will assess the issue which may be included in your manufacturer’s warranty as a latent or general defect.

If the cause IS wear and tear etc., you will have to carry the cost of brake replacement on your own.

When Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

Brakes require replacement in many instances – wear and tear being the most common. Other reasons your brakes may wear faster include things like habitually braking too harshly when driving, sometimes when your brake shave heated up and are suddenly cooled – in situations like driving through a puddle of water after a long distance will cause the brake discs to warp. Simple maintenance in the line if skimming your discs may then be carried out. 

In order to know when your brakes will need replacing or maintenance, you would need to carry out checks regularly. It is a good idea to have your brakes repair or  checked by a professional every six months (depending on your daily driving distance and condition of the roads you regularly travel).

Simply take your car to an accredited (or appointed) dealer, fitment centre or specialist shop – and ask them to inspect your brakes.


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