The Importance of Brake Pads and Repairs on Your Car


Whether you drive a Mazda, Ford, Honda, Golf or any other car, brakes pads are by far one of the most important things to keep a lookout for on your car. Brakes are vital for slowing down – whether it’s abruptly to avoid a collision, or gently to stop at a traffic light. They are [...]

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Replacing Your Brake Pads or Skimming Your Brake Disc?


Your braking system is the single most important safety feature on your car. The discs are circular metal plates where the brake pad is enforced up against it to help slow or your car. The smoother the surface, the more efficiently friction can be obtained to slow your car down. The most common sounds occur [...]

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Brake and Clutch Warning Signs to Look Out For


It is very important to know the signs if your brake or clutch requires mechanical care. Both components are essential for the safety and performance of your vehicle, if it's not working accurately it should be assessed. Whether you drive a Ford, Toyota, or Mazda - it doesn't matter what vehicle you drive, brake pads [...]

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Changing Your Brake Fluid


If you had to look at and then rank all the fluids found in your vehicle, brake fluid would probably be at the bottom end of the scale. This is not a good practice as its one of the most important fluids involved in the successful operating of your vehicle. They say that the fluid [...]

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Are Your Brakes Breaking?


You climb into your car, pull out of your driveway and try to slow down and all of a sudden, your brake pedal is stuck or it's extremely hard and difficult to push. What do you do now? If you have experienced this you will know how sinking that feeling is. You don't want to [...]

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How Can You Prepare Your Car For a Long Trip?


It's already difficult and frustrating having car problems on your normal day to day travels but imagine suffering these while taking a long road trip. The trip should be a great time to look forward to and not one that could be filled with potential mishaps along the way. I think one of the more [...]

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Penny, Your Check Engine Light is On!


Have you ever seen your dashboard light up with warning symbols like it's a Christmas tree? Now ask yourself, do you know what all of those warnings mean? If you are like the majority of vehicle owners you don't know what they mean and how serious they are. In this article we will be going [...]

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Not So Good Vibrations


The last thing you ever want to experience as a driver is your vehicles steering while vibrating like it's a Nokia 3310. This vibration could occur while driving slowly in your suburbs or doing the legal maximum on the open highway. A shaking steering wheel is an early symptom of many common car problems ranging [...]

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When to Get Brake Discs Skimmed


Brake disc skimming is a process where they make your disc surface new again. Imagine you leaving work with your car and, suddenly, that heavy rain begins. Then, you need to stop at the intersection. After a couple of seconds you realize that the pedal is chocked! If that happens, be very attentive. This may [...]

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