Should You Check Your Brakes After a Long Journey?

You’ve returned from a long journey and it’s been wonderful to go away for a while, but now that you’re back life continues. You need to go to work and that means sitting in traffic every day. If you’ve driven your car and added a few hundred kilometres to the odometer, is it advisable to check the brakes on your car?

In brief, it is a good idea to check the brakes when you come back after a long journey, especially if you suspect that it’s not functioning optimally. If you hear strange sounds when you apply the brakes or something feels out of place, it’s best to check it out. If you don’t hear or see anything out of the ordinary then it’s probably going to be fine.

However, consider that after driving for hundreds or thousands of kilometres and continuing driving to work and back, it could put quite a toll on the brakes. When you drive in bumper to bumper traffic and on the city roads you tend to use your brakes more often. You need to stop at the traffic light, the stop sign, the yield sign, and when a car in front of you decides to slow down. You use the brakes all the time so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most replaced car parts. The next time you get into your car be aware of how many times you apply your brakes. You’ll then realise how much and how hard they work.

To ensure that they remain in peak condition, you need to get the brakes checked. A good brake repair centre will check the brakes, brake fluid, brake drum and all the related components. They may simply repair the brakes for you or they might replace it altogether. The only time when they will replace it is if the brakes are so badly worn or damaged that it could lead to an accident. The safety of you and your passengers is always the main concern.

You might think that getting a brake check is a long story. Well, it isn’t. It only takes a short amount of time. You could wait while they check it for you and the repair process is quick too. Alternatively you could just drop your car off, go to work and at the end of the day collect your car. Don’t delay and wait until it’s too late.


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