How to Clean Contaminated Brake Pads

Contaminated brake pads are never a good sign. You can usually tell that there is something wrong with the brake pads when they grab or pull whilst you are applying pressure to the pedal. This could become dangerous because the more worn out your braking system becomes the tougher it is to stop the car.

Contamination is caused by dust getting between the brake pads and brake discs with normal everyday driving. As the dust builds up it scratches the face of the brakes and wears away pads to a point where braking is difficult and requires more use of the emergency brake.

When cleaning the brake pads you can gently wipe away any residue that you can see using a soft cloth. Apply copper slip to the components to seal the damage. Copper slip is used in mechanisms and machines on static parts that should not move. Moving parts include bearings where lubrication is required. Copper slip also helps to prevent the squealing sound when you apply the brakes. It also helps to prevent a seizure. This can damage the system badly causing you to have irreparable brakes and discs.

Once you have applied the copper slip on both parts you should test it to see if your handy work helped. You can drive the car and slow down until you feel it braking hard. It is suggested that you wait for some white smoke to come from the brakes. This means that the excess has been removed thus you no longer have contaminated brakes and you can drive safely.

You don’t have to remove any components in order to apply the copper slip as this would require professional help and tools. It isn’t a necessary step as the copper is there to prevent oxidation.

Never let your brakes get to this point as it could become dangerous. Although your hand brake is present, it shouldn’t be used for this purpose. The hand brake is only to be used in order to stop your car from rolling while parked. If you ever run into a problem like this it is best to undergo brake repairs to be on the safer side.

Always be aware of any issues your car may have. It might not seem as a big problem at the time but over a time you could end up having a wrecked car with damaged car parts. Don’t take sounds your car makes light heartedly as it could be a bigger problem than you think.


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