Ferodo Brake Range – Eco-Friction Brake Pads Vs Premier Pads

Ferodo Brake Range – Eco-Friction Brake Pads Vs Premier Pads

Ferodo is a global leader in the world of brakes. They have been in the industry for more than 100 years and are still going strong. Ferodo is one of the most sought-after brake brands in South Africa. They have a wide range of brake products to choose from.

Ferodo Brake Range – Eco-Friction Brake Pads

“5 years of dedicated research and extreme testing bring you the Eco-Friction pad: more stopping power and the same outstanding performance as Ferodo Premier pads, now greener.

Forerunner on the market, Eco-Friction is the result of 5 years of dedicated Research with 1,500 materials tested and 25 different new components.

Eco-Friction® Makes It Greener For Best-In-Class Performance With This Technological Breakthrough

  • Green materials for a greener product & a significant reduction of fine particles emissions
  • Noise suppression
  • Increased safety
  • Best-in-class performance results

As Great As A Ferodo Premier Pad, Minus The Copper

Eco-Friction brake tested on 6 popular vehicles models: consistency of performance results ascertained

Up to 17% more stopping power than competitors’ brands on selected vehicles makes the Eco-Friction pad the best product with a technical innovation already approved and adopted by OE manufacturers.

Quick Look Benefits

Safe – Thoroughly and rigorously tested for guaranteed performance results and greater stopping power

Greener – Eco-Friction technology (low or zero copper) available on up to 90% of the product range, making Ferodo the leading supplier of greener braking pads.

OE Approved – The best product available featuring innovative technology approved by OE manufacturers”

Ferodo Brake Range – Premier Pads

“Ferodo Premier brake pads are carefully engineered for the needs of commercial vehicles to help you keep a firm grip on your business. Safe and highly effective, they help reduce maintenance and downtime.

Top quality brake pads for light commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles from one of the world’s leading suppliers of brake parts to the commercial vehicle market.

Increased Cost Control

  • Extra durability and reduced wear, that means a longer life and lower maintenance costs.
  • Friction materials targeted to specific applications.
  • Demonstrated durability under all conditions bringing highly efficient cost-per-kilometre braking.

Latest Technical Advances

Ferodo constantly invests in new technology for light commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles, this way, you’re in control of innovation. Our Ferodo team brings you the latest innovations and advanced options for many of our applications:

ProTec Sbrake pad system developed by Knorr-Bremse ensuring a permanent, welded connection between the spring and the brake pad’s backplate that brings significant advantages by making a secure placement, increasing applied force and reducing idle wear when the brakes are not in use.

Cast-Iron Backplate – a Ferodo patented technology featuring a lighter backplate than standard that provides better bonding between the backplate and friction material, with less risk of corrosion and improved heat dissipation, leading to superior durability.

Excellent Coverage

Our range for commercial vehicles covers 99% of vehicles on the road, with 240 pad references: the latest products for the greatest possible coverage. This way, you’re in control of coverage.

Trusted By OE Manufacturers

Ferodo is fitted as standard by many of the world’s manufacturers of vans, trucks, trailers and buses. Our parts are OE quality braking compliant, bringing added safety and reliability.

Quick Look Benefits

Safe – Excellent braking performance and control over the costs

OE-Quality – Premium quality trusted by vehicle manufacturers

Efficiency – Demonstrated durability for longer-lasting pads”

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