Free Brake Assessment – Pros, Cons And Inclusions

Free Brake Assessment – Pros, Cons And Inclusions

They say nothing gin life is free – but maybe the exception to this rule is free brake assessments. We know that a reliable, consistent braking system, is the key to staying safe on the road (coupled with regular maintenance, safe driving and all the other stuff we should be practicing) – but keeping up with your brakes and their necessary maintenance etc. can be a bit of a cumbersome task.

Astro Brake offers free brake assessments on any make, model or type of vehicle during their working hours.

What is Included in a Brake Assessment at Astro Brake?

First off, no bookings are needed. You can bring your vehicle in (working on a first-come, first-served basis) during Astro Brake’s working hours (find Astro Brakes operational hours by clicking here).

Once you’ve brought your car in, it’s compulsory that a trained and certified Astro Brake technician takes your car for a test drive. During this drive, the technician will perform certain small tests, such as full-circle turns (this helps assess other underlying issues you may not have been aware of, such as failing wheel bearings etc.). The technician will listen for squealing, feel for shudder when braking – and a myriad of other small tests to help diagnose any issues.

  • Note: if the technician suspects other issues such as wheel bearing problems, Astro Brake will hoist the vehicle and assess the suspected problem part, also at no charge to you.

Once the technician has carried out the test drive, the car will be brought into the workshop for a formal assessment.

To ensure they do a thorough job, both front and rear wheels are removed for a full inspection of each brake. Front brake disc thickness is measured, brake pads are assessed and checked, rear discs and shoes are checked and a few other physical checks are carried out.

The technicians draft a report outlining every issue they have found within your vehicle, which is then used to prepare a quote for you.

Remember – this entire process is cost-free and obligation-free.

Once the quote has been finalised, you as the customer have the choice of repairing or replacing faulty parts on the spot, opting to have the most serious issues repaired or repacked, or keeping the whole quote aside for when you are able to financially afford the work they have quoted on.

Benefits of Free Brake Assessments

Firstly, you don’t pay a cent. This is especially useful for those of us on a tight budget, who wants to ensure their vehicle is running properly.

Having your brakes assessed regularly – particularly for those out of service plans or maintenance plans – can help you avoid major damage simply by “catching” the issue in time. Warped discs, for example, may not seem too big of an issue, but when bonding occurs you might face a far more serious and costly problem in having them fixed.

You have peace of mind that not only will your brakes be assessed, but trained and certified technicians will pick up underlying issues you may otherwise never have been aware of. This type of service is rarely ever free – so take advantage of it!

Lastly, the quotation prepared for you will give you a great idea of how to budget and take the steps necessary to fix your vehicle woes.

Disadvantages of Free Brake Assessments

Some other companies may offer a free brake assessment, but apply those dreaded “T’s & C’s” – such as being obliged to replace or repair any faults on the spot, at their premises.

Astro Brake reminds you that the free brake assessment offered through them is entirely free of charge and obligation.

Other than that, there aren’t really any pitfalls to ensuring your own as well as others’ safety on the roads!

Keen to get your brakes up to scratch? Click here to book your free brake assessment now!


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