Halloween Scenario – Why You Need Properly Functioning Brakes

Of course, with this season around there is always uproar about the dangers that could be lurking in the streets when driving home from an amazing party. To make sure that you are safe on Halloween, here is a scenario that could potentially put you at ease.

Firstly, before you go anywhere no matter what time of the year it is, always make sure that your car is fully functional. Every single part has to be functioning so that it can be considered a road-worthy vehicle. This is the first step to being safe around the Halloween season.

Driving home from an amazing Halloween party one night, you could get lost. You pull over to the side of the road to get your GPS and find your way back to a familiar road. As you start driving again you notice movement behind you. It looks like a car that has switched off its headlights to follow you stealthily.

At this point, all you want to know is if the car is really out to follow you or if the person got lost too. You drive around in circles to see if the car behind you is doing the same. It is doing the same and mimics the speeds that you do.

His car seems bigger and bulkier than yours so you know that manoeuvring it could be an issue for the potential stalker. Your car is a small hatchback with only a 1.2l engine so you know that going off-road will be harder for you because of the suspension abilities your car does not have.

The first thing you should do is switch off your headlights because this is an idea that could save your life if the instructions are followed correctly.

Switching off the headlights won’t hide you but it will be harder for the stalker to see what is ahead of both of you. Since you have already studied the surroundings and are aware of where the solid structures are, your plan is ready to take action.

Speed is important so that the stalker does the same speed to catch up to you. You should now aim for a rocky mountain or a tree. Since you know exactly where they are you can quickly hit the brakes and turn the car around so that the stalker hits the wall, mountain or tree.

So pedal to the metal towards your desired structure. But wait, you have just realised that your brakes have stopped working. It could have happened when you pulled over to the side of the road hitting that weird rock. Or perhaps your brakes haven’t been working this whole time. You hit the structure because of the faulty brakes so your plan has failed.

This is why brake repairs are so important during this season. Always visit a qualified professional and get all the car parts fixed or checked so that you won’t have to run into a scenario such as this


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