Keeping Your Cool in Heavy Traffic

These days everyone seems to have a car of their own and that has, consequently, lead to the roads being very busy and congested. Now, more than ever before there is more traffic on the roads. And this has caused a lot of frustration and anger in a lot of people.

But as a driver you can be part of the solution. You don’t have to get angry and frustrated while you’re sitting in the traffic jam. You can decide to not lose your cool. I know that is easier said than done, but it is worth a try because when you’re upset and frustrated it can lead to poor decisions. And those decisions can lead to an accident. So it’s worth considering the alternative. You can play the radio and listen to a popular chat show that you find interesting. Or you could play your favourite music in the car and enjoy a good sing along by yourself. These listening activities can give you a sense of calm because you are taking your mind off the traffic jam you’re in.

You could also decide to carpool with a colleague. While you’re stuck in traffic spending time chatting with your colleague can make it feel like time passes by quicker. You get to enjoy a fun conversation with a colleague which can take your mind off the congestion. The additional benefit of carpooling means that there is one less car on the road so you are both contributing to the solution.

It can be annoying to be stuck in traffic but you should also be aware of the effect it has on your car. When you’re in stop and go traffic you tend to use your brakes and clutch more often than not. This action can lead to your brake and clutch being worn out sooner rather than later. Think about this for a moment. When you’re frustrated and in a rush you tend to nudge forward bit by bit and use the clutch and brake rather harshly. But when you’re calm and relaxed you roll along steadily and slowly in the heavy traffic. You then tend to use your brake and clutch much more gently. If you want your brake and clutch to last for a longer time span then you may want to consider keeping calm while you’re in the unavoidable traffic jam.

However if you find that you’re brake and clutch has become faulty due to this heavy daily use then you can go to a brake and clutch fitment centre. They will be able to assist you with the brake and clutch repairs, plus they may be able to advise you on how to use your brake and clutch while you’re in congestion.

At the end of the day it can be a challenge on these busy roads but when you have a plan for enjoying your drive to work and back home then you will have a much calmer and enjoyable drive. Try to always keep your cool in heavy traffic.

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