Penny, Your Check Engine Light is On!

Have you ever seen your dashboard light up with warning symbols like it’s a Christmas tree? Now ask yourself, do you know what all of those warnings mean? If you are like the majority of vehicle owners you don’t know what they mean and how serious they are. In this article we will be going through some of them and finding out exactly what they are there for.

Firstly, the Yellow Check Engine Light, that the one that looks like a submarine. Sometimes next it will be the word check; it’s there for a very important reason. It normally means that an emissions or general engine running problem is there. If you see this light, you should definitely book your vehicle in for a service. If the light is flashing though, you should slow your car down and drive at moderate speeds until you can to get to a mechanic.

Next on our list is the good old Red Battery Light. In short and simple terms, this warning indicates that the cars charging system is not functioning properly or it’s short of power. Left unattended it could lead to electrical problems that affect power such as steering, braking, lights and of course your engine. Once again you should take your car into any battery shop and have them test it for you to best diagnose the problem

Now we have the Temperature Warning Light, the one that looks like an upside down key. If you see this light come on, it could very well mean that your car is very close to overheating. Some cars however don’t have this specific warning light and instead only have the temperature gauge. If this light comes on you should bring your car to a stop in a safe area and no longer drive it as you can cause serious damage to your engine. Ever seen that warning light that looks like a genie lamp? Well that’s your Engine Oil Pressure Light. If this is on, once again you need to stop your car in a safe area and no longer drive it. It could mean that you have lost oil pressure which would mean that lubrication in your engine is low or gone completely.

I think this one is the easiest one to read, it simply says ABS. ABS is your Antilock Brake System; it prevents your wheels from locking during braking. This would need to be checked out by a professional to diagnose the proper problem. You should be booking your vehicle in very soon for a checkup once this warning comes on. Have you seen the light that shows a little figure sitting in a seat with a massive round shape heading towards its face? That’s the Airbag Indicator. This would come on in the event of something being faulty with your airbag system. For the safety of you and your passengers it is advised that you take your car in for a service as well.

With cars modernising day by day, there will be additions to this list, but never panic. All you would need to do it head over to your owner’s manual and it will help you assess the situation. Safe travels!

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