Recon Clutch Replacement – The Cheaper Alternative for Older Vehicles

Recon Clutch Replacement – The Cheaper Alternative for Older Vehicles

Recon Clutch Replacement


A vehicle purchased with a maintenance plan is a luxury few are subject to; sometimes, older vehicles are purchased in a private capacity, or you may have a trusty old “go-getter” parked in your garage, one you love as a family member and take great care and pride with. Components of motor vehicles such as brakes, tyres and clutches are some of real load-bearing components, and are typically he most replaced and repaired aspects of a motor vehicle.

So what do you do if the clutch – an absolutely vital item in any manual transmission car – gives in? You can either sell the car, or you can replace or repair it. Sometimes, replacement with a new part may simply not be possible – due to manufacturers not producing tat part anymore, or simply because it’s too expensive. That’s where reconditioned clutches come into play. We discuss what a recon clutch is; it’s pros as well as possible cons.

How do I know if I might need a new clutch?

Common signs that you might need a new clutch fitted include:

  1. Changing gears is difficult
  2. There’s a rattling or grinding sound when you change gears
  3. You can rev the engine, but your car barely increases in speed
  4. Engine revs climb or fall seemingly at random
  5. The clutch may seem to ‘slip’ causing a loss of acceleration, or a complete loss of drive

Pros and Cons of a Reconditioned Clutch

A properly rebuilt clutch by a reputable shop is as good as a new clutch and costs less.

Always replace the pilot bearing and throw-out bearing with each clutch replacement. These are separate items from the rebuilt clutch.

As for clutch chatter after replacement, ensure the flywheel is removed and resurfaced.


  1. Lower cost
  2. If done properly, a reliable and affordable solution to get your car back on the roads
  3. During recon, you can ask for an additional inspection to see if there are other contributing or underlying faults on your car’s clutch system
  4. If your clutch sat too high or was too “hard’ prior to reconditioning, this issue may be able to be resolved.



  1. If you are still under a maintenance plan, you may void any warranty of the manufacturer if you choose a reconditioned clutch and you have not worked through the dealership.
  2. If less-than-satisfactory workmanship was carried out you may have knock-on or repetitive issues with the reconditioned clutch.


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