The Risk of Failed Brakes For Trucks

Trucks are a big part of the community because they deliver a lot of the goods that we as consumers use on a daily basis. Trucks deliver consumables to supermarkets, parts to workshops, and many other valuable commodities to businesses. Consequently, they spend a lot of time on the roads which leads to the wear and tear of the various parts.

With much driving as well as wear and tear comes a lot of responsibility to service and care for the truck. You must ensure that services are conducted on time and that the various parts are checked, repaired and replaced where necessary. Faulty parts can cause problems.

Some of the major parts which could cause much damage include the gear mechanism, clutch and brakes. A damaged clutch can dramatically affect the driving ability of the vehicle and when you are unable to predict how the clutch will react that is when errors in driving occur. The same goes for a damaged brake pad or other related part. If the brakes are faulty, it can lead to the brakes failing when it is needed most. This has been known to happen.

A little while back a truck with faulty brakes ignored the signs to replace it and continued to drive. Ignoring this risk, the driver approached a traffic light which changed to red. The driver applied the brakes in order to bring the large vehicle to a stop but it failed and it could not stop at the red light. The cars on the alternate side of the traffic light, unaware of the danger, prepared to pull away as the light changed to green for them. The truck collided with some of these cars causing a catastrophic accident.

This event could have been prevented if the truck’s brakes had been checked and proper brake repairs were done timeously. It is important not to ignore the signs of faulty brakes and it is imperative to take the vehicle to an accredited fitment centre. Taking your vehicle to a brake fitment centre can save your life and the life of others. Don’t think of it as another expense but rather think of it as an opportunity to care for your vehicle and your passengers. The risk of not repairing the brakes is far too high and it outweighs any costs that may be involved with repairing it.


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