What Happens When Your Clutch Fails to Release?

If the average person were to be asked: “What is the most important part of a car?” Their reply, aside from the engine, would either be the battery, the breaks, or transmissions, which are some of the most common car repair issues. One part that is most often overlooked, but is integral would be the clutch. It is something connected to the transmission which allows the car to maintain or change its speed smoothly. It can be considered similar to the human nervous system, as without it cars would be unable to move.

The clutch is a mechanism connected to the gearbox and transmission. It can be controlled by a third pedal on the driver’s side of a car. Putting pressure on the pedal causes a hydraulic system to push on a pressure plate on the engine. This plate safely disengages the engine from the transmission allowing smooth gear shifts. If it wasn’t pressed before shifting gears, this could damage both the transmission and engine. Shifting gears is the manual process of changing the number of rotations the wheels make, the RPM which changes the speed. Shifting without stepping on it can cause the car to jerk as the new gear tries to replace one still moving. It could be thought of as jumping in on a treadmill at a high speed.

So again, the clutch is one of the most important parts of a car because without it the car won’t move. This means that proper care of it is important to any car owner. It takes knowledge and physical ability to fix it, alongside proper tools. Therefore, it’s much better to take the car to a garage that does clutch maintenance service. Several different problems could occur with it that even routine care cannot prevent.

One common problem is its failure to release. When released it should spring back to its original position. This means the engine is connected to the transmission. A failure to release is when the pedal is stuck and not returning, also known as sticking. There are many reasons for it to stick, which makes clutch maintenance service highly important. Driving with it stuck is dangerous as the transmission is no longer connected to the engine. This means that changing gears would have no effect on a moving car.

If the car was in a higher gear when it failed the engine could stall once the car loses speed and drops RPM. Not only would it be damaged by this, but it could also damage the engine, transmission, gearbox, and many other important components. This would lead to a very expensive repair.

Again, it is very important to add clutch maintenance service alongside all the other routine maintenance services. It can prevent future problems and extend a car’s life, saving time, money, and frustration. Find a place near you that does clutch repairs and can check your clutch regularly, to avoid a lot of serious problems in the future with your car. Do not leave car problems for too long.

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