When to Get Brake Discs Skimmed

Brake disc skimming is a process where they make your disc surface new again. Imagine you leaving work with your car and, suddenly, that heavy rain begins. Then, you need to stop at the intersection. After a couple of seconds you realize that the pedal is chocked! If that happens, be very attentive. This may be a sign that brake maintenance service is needed, or that your brakes need to be skimmed, and that it is time to change the brake pads, accessories that guarantee your safety.

The brakes are very important as well as the pads in which are part of the disc brake systems and are behind the wheels of the car. They are small parts, driven by friction with the rotor and responsible for decreasing the speed of the disc, causing the wheels to stop. There are three types: organic, ceramic and metallic. The life span of the brakes can vary widely. That depends on the car you own. The most recommended is to consult the Manufacturer’s Manual and check the mileage indicated for review of the brake system. However, it is recommended to carry out preventive maintenance every 10,000 km. Of course, this can also vary depending on the way you drive. But stay tuned and be sure to do the overhaul when the car is 30,000 km or more.

It is sometimes necessary to change the brake discs even though they have not reached the thickness limit. One case is when the discs are scratched, usually because of the friction of the uncoated brake pads. We can tell if the brake discs are scratched when we hear noise when braking. It will therefore be necessary to periodically check the condition of the brake discs and carry out brake maintenance service, control reviews, in periods that can range from 10,000 to 30,000 km. It should be noted that the moment the brake disc is changed, it will also be necessary to change the brake pads. On the contrary, it may be necessary to replace the pads, but not the discs.

There are several enemies of your safety and you need to be aware of the behaviour of the pads, all because the imperfect discs, that is, those with their contact face deformed together with the pads, can cause invisible damage to the pads, called glazed pads, where the friction mass of the pads overheats right after they are installed, that is, the straight face of the pads ends up touching the higher wavy parts of the disc, promoting a smaller contact area and consequently a drastic increase in the mass of the pad and making with the material to boil and the resin to move towards the contact face, which will make the tablet hard and may impair its thermal recovery.

It is good to get your car checked regularly especially your wheels, because they get damaged the most in a short period of time. And the pedals in the car also work the most, especially your brake and clutch pedals. Get your car serviced regularly at an affordable and reliable mechanic.

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