When To Replace Brake Fluid

Your car is your wheels to access the world. Cars are expensive and are typically a large part of a person’s budget. Maintenance on a car is one of the most important parts. Keeping your engine running efficiently and for a long time requires taking good care of the motor, transmission and brakes. One way to maintain your car is to replace the brake fluid. This is a fluid that people don’t think about as often but is important to check whenever you are doing maintenance on your car. Consider these tips on timing for when you should replace the brake fluid in your cars brakes and when you may need brake repairs.

Regular Maintenance

Your brake fluid should be replaced every 30000 miles. This is just as a maintenance factor. After that you should check your brake fluid every time that you have your car in the shop. Also, if you try to change or check the brake fluid yourself and accidentally put the wrong thing in, take it to a shop immediately for brake maintenance services.


Not maintaining your brake fluid can be concerning because it is an important factor in your cars ability to stop. Also, if you move your car and find a pile of green liquid underneath, it might be time to check your brakes. Greenish yellow liquid is brake fluid and may be leaking from a line under your car.


You should always have your brakes check if they are screeching or squeaking when you use them. This is a sign that two pieces of metal are rubbing on each other that should not be. Squealing is a bad sign when it comes to the maintenance and quality of your breaking.

Long Trips

You should always check your brakes after you have taken your car on a long road trip. Long use of your brakes can be damaging to your brake fluid and brake system. Brake repairs may need to be done after a long distance trip.

Sticky Pedals

If your brake pedal is sticking or seems too hard or two soft to push, this is a sign of a faulty master cylinder or other similar brake problem. This should not be ignored because it is directly related to brakes that are not functioning.

What Happens?

If your brakes are not properly maintained a few things could happen. The rubbing of the plates with no fluid could cause damage to your cars brake system costing you a bunch of money to replace all the needed parts. Or you could have a few minor problems like squeaking or squealing brakes. Or you could have something major happen like your brakes catch on fire from fiction heat.

Maintaining your car can ensure that a car runs for a long time and as efficiently as possible. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of a brake malfunction is important as well. These are all signs and symptoms that your car is in need of brake maintenance services. Service your car regularly to avoid future problems that are serious.

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