Why is My Car Doing The Cha Cha Slide?

Do you find your car doing the Cha Cha slide when you are driving? Pulling to the left or right? No, it doesn’t have a mind of its own, instead there is a problem and we will assist you in finding out what is going on. This can be very dangerous so let’s have a look at it. It could be anything from your air pressure in your tires, incorrect wheel alignment, or even worn suspension, just to name a few.

We need to first understand if your car is consistently pulling to one side or is it only when you accelerate. Does it happen when you brake? One of the most common reasons why a car would be doing is due to incorrect tyre pressure. If the left front tyre is only pumped to 1.4 bar while your right is running at 2.0 bar you will definitely feel your car pulling to the left. Leaving your tires either under or over inflated cause lead to more problems like wheel alignment and in proper wear on your tires. A very easy fix would be to go down to your petrol station and check your tyre pressure.

If you have checked your pressure and it’s correct as per your owner’s manual then you need to move onto the next possible culprit; your wheel alignment. As mentioned earlier, if your wheel alignment is out and you continue to drive like this you could run into more problems like, uneven wear on your tyres, a crooked steering wheel and possibly noisy tyres. Your best bet here would be to get your car down to your local wheel and tire shop where they will get the wheel alignment sorted out using the best and latest technology.

So, your air pressure is correct and your wheel alignment is correct. What else could be causing the problem? Your brake calipers could be stuck and causing this problem. Your calipers apply pressure to your brake pads, which then slows your vehicle down. With stuck calipers, this can lead to uneven pressure on your brakes and then cause a slight pulling motion to one side. Whenever there are brake problems involved in a vehicle they are and should always be treated as serious. The only fix for this is for you to get your vehicle to a trusted motor mechanic or brake specialist to have it checked out.

These are the most common causes, however there are many other factors that you should be aware of including a faulty wheel bearing, worn out steering linkage, or a week tie rod. If it is any of these they are normally difficult to diagnose on your own and are also very dangerous to leave not have fixed. The general rule of safety should always apply, if something is not right, get it checked out. If you can’t do this straight away then should keep your speeds down to the minimum to allow yourself time to react. Get your car checked out regularly to avoid extreme damage.

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