Why Online Brake Appointment Bookings Are The Way Forward

Why Online Brake Appointment Bookings Are The Way Forward

Vehicle maintenance – whether it be a car, motorbike or bakkie – is not an easy feat. Yes, new cars or cars sold through a dealership typically come with some sort of maintenance plan that allows for the replacement of worn out brakes (and other components) – but not everyone can afford the luxury of a maintenance pan for same.

Similarly, those of us who are driving older vehicles may find the hassle of finding a good deal on brakes (repairs, assessments and replacements) a little cumbersome.

Astro Brake has realised this and as such, has upped the service offering provided by them to ensue anyone can afford to assess, repair and replace their brakes. Safe brakes save lives after all!

Free Brake Assessments

If you start to hear a rattle, a squeak of a knock whenever you brake (or drive), then it’s safest to have your brake system assessed for current and potential damage that may be caused by underlying issues. The quicker you do this, the more likely you are to catch the problem before it becomes worse.

Many repair centres charge a fee to simply “have a look” at your brake system, and will probably try persuade you to have the repairs done on the spot using their products.

Astro Brake sets the bar in this regard; they offer FREE (yes, entirely cost-free AND obligation-FREE) brake assessments at their Boksburg branch during their operational hours.

The best part is – if they detect issues during the inspection (even issues unrelated to your braking system, such as worn shocks etc.) they will draft up a list of snags, quote accordingly, and allow you time to make the decision and / or save a bit of money before you decide to carry out the repair work.

Online Brake Bookings

So, you’ve either had your brakes assessed and it’s been determined they need replacement, or, you already know this without the need for a formal assessment. Who has the time to phone around to make bookings, be put on hold and speak to at least three people before getting through to someone who can assist with your booking?

Astro Brake has a great online booking system, where you can select the time and date that suits you.

As soon as your form is submitted, you can rest assured your booking is confirmed and your brakes are about to get a makeover.

Astro Brake has undertaken to personally phone anyone who made a booking if anything changes – i.e. – booking times, estimated r quoted price etc.

How nice?

Running Specials on Common Car Models

We see most service and repair centres running time-specific promotions. Astro Brake has again taken this offering a step further and has running specials (obviously subject to change without prior notice) on common car model’s brake components.

For example, the Chev Utility (one of the most common vehicles on South African roads) has a running special for front brake replacement.

This also the customer to budget accordingly, book online and have their brake woes seen to without any more hassle than a few clicks of the mouse.

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