Astro Brake Repairs & Clutch Fitment Centre offers you:

  • Brake Repairs Accredited Fitment Centre: AA, LUK, RMI

  • Brakes fitted while you wait

  • Professional customer service and expert advice

  • Trained and experience technicians

  • Best deal on brakes and clutches

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The Experts In Brake and Clutch Systems By Astro Brake

Who We Are

At Astro Brake and Clutch Centre based in Boksburg, we are known for our unwavering commitment to providing quality vehicle brake and clutch repairs. We have a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals with years of parts interpretation for clients across a range of sectors and we are well established in the motor vehicle industry in brake and clutch repairs. We offer both parts for your DIY project, and also have full workshop facilities with highly accomplished mechanics ready to diagnose and repair your vehicle to its highest standards.

We Services:

  • Brake Assessment
  • Brake Pads Fitment
  • Clutch Assessment
  • Clutch Fitment
  • Hydraulics
  • On Car Skimming
  • Skim Drums
  • Wheel Bearings

Common Brake Problems We Repair:

  • Soft, flexible, low pedal
  • Hard or stiff pedal
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Squealing or grinding noises

Common Clutch Problems We Repair:

  • Clutch that’s slipping
  • Clutch sticking/grabbing
  • Clutch pedal feels different
  • Noise when tramping clutch pedal

Trusted Customer Service:

We provide you with quality brakes, quality parts and quality service.

We pride ourselves in taking care of your private or company vehicle. We understand the importance of a good brake and clutch system.

Get the correct brake and clutch for your car and let our specialists make sure you get the right parts. We’re committed to providing a hassle free experience for both new and recurring customers.

Our parts are only sourced from reputable brands ensuring that your vehicle is always safe for you to drive. The best service at the most affordable prices. For all your brake and clutch needs call us on +27 11 826 7000 or visit our website for more info!

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