clutch repairsClutch Repairs and Clutch Maintenance Services

Astro Brake & Clutch takes care of all clutch repairs and clutch maintenance services including clutch cable repair.

A clutch consists mainly of two metal plates between the engine and the gearbox. Thus stepping on the clutch pedal disengages these plates from your rotating wheels, which allows you to change gears. Stepping off the clutch pedal creates pressure to operate the hydraulic mechanism, which transmits motion to the wheels. Hence your clutch is one of the most vital and frequently used components of your car so keeping it in optimal condition is important. We stock the following brands of clutch kits, LUK clutch kit, Sachs clutch kits, Valeo clutch kits

clutch repairsClutch Release Failure

A clutch that does not release when fully depressed causes the continual turn of the input shaft that it controls. So this prevents the driver from accessing or changing the gears, and even the neutral gear position. There are a number of internal causes for clutch release failure which includes the following:

  • Damaged release cables
  • Defective clutch cylinders
  • Damaged straps
  • Worn fork or pivot ball
  • Damaged clutch plates
  • Damaged splines
  • Improperly installed clutch system parts
  • Driver abuse

clutch repairsClutch Slipping

Slipping is perhaps the most common issue that people come across when dealing with the clutch. It can be aggravated by driving in areas that require you stop and start often such as when driving in bumper to bumper traffic. It can also develop because of bad gear shifting habits such as using too much force to change gears. So it is essential that you check your clutch if you notice a difference in its operation. we are giving professional clutch maintenance services including clutch cable repair.


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We stock and install clutch kits including dual mass fly wheels, concentric bearing for most major car manufacuterers. We also skimming of fly wheels while you wait.

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We stock the following brands of clutch kits:
LUK clutch kit, Sachs clutch kits, Valeo clutch kits