What is Brake Skimming?

Have you ever heard of the phrase: skimming your discs? It is a phrase that not too many people are familiar while others know about it because they have mechanics in their families who could help them with the information. But in case you don’t know, let us help you with it.

Sometimes it is also known as machining or resurfacing. Put in simpler terms a brake disc is the metal plate that your brake pads squeeze against in order to stop the motion of your wheels. In drum brakes a brake shoe squeezes against the brake drum surface with the same effect. For effective stopping motion the brake pads or shoes need to fit flush against the surface of the disc or drum. Any problems with the surface of your brake discs or drums can cause premature wearing of your brake pads, vibrations or grinding noises when braking and dangerously effect your braking distances.

As brake drums and discs get older they tend to get scored and will wear unevenly. You might find also that they start to warp a bit due to the constant heating and cooling process.

So as you can see the importance of maintenance for your entire braking system is vitally important. Should you hear strange noises when breaking or feel your car moving from side to side then it could mean that your discs are on their way out. There is no real easy way to check your discs unless you have the right equipment. Taking your car over to Astro Brakes who have all the right tools and not to mention years and years of expertise is your best bet. Within minutes you will have a diagnoses and they will be able to assist you with your brake repairs or brake disc skimming.


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