When is Brake Pad Replacement Necessary

Brake pads are just one part of a complex and highly important function that your car performs on every drive. Without them, you would be bumping and crashing into everything in your way. It’s good to know the basics of when you should change them and if you can do it on your own for the first time.

How quickly your brake pads wear down depends on how often you drive as well as your driving style. If your daily commute revolves around you driving in heavy traffic where stop and go is your normal type of flow, expect your brake pads to wear out quicker than expected. The opposite would apply if you travel on a free flowing highway to work every day where your stops are minimal.

So when do you need to replace them? Well your car has a way of giving you some warning signs such as a terrible screeching sound when applying the brakes, a squealing sound when driving around or even a vibrating sensation pulsating through your foot when pushing the brake peddle.

There are two common types of brake pad materials used today. The most obvious one fitted to cars is made up of a semi-metallic material. This metal allows them to be more heat resistant. The other type mostly found in high performance motor vehicles is made up of Ceramic. Ceramic brake pads are generally more expensive.

There are multiple pros and cons to each type of brake pad but it mostly comes down to pricing. Don’t be caught in the trap of springing for the cheaper option, this is not a mistake you want to be making when it comes to your life as well as your passengers.

Take your vehicle down to your trusted brake specialist who will supply you with the best option for your car.


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